The Mcity Test Facility has reopened for contactless testing. Please e-mail Vaughn Haack for test facility information at The Mcity Office Building is still closed and Mcity staff will continue to work from home due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

We’re making discoveries every day. Sharing what we learn helps take mobility innovations from the lab to the real world.

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Learning and Sharing

Mcity is not just an automotive proving ground and research center – it is a learning environment. We bring together industry, government, and university partners to tackle critical questions about future mobility for the benefit of all. An essential part of our mission is sharing the insights we gain through our work.

Better Together: Connectivity and Automation

People often think about vehicle connectivity and automation as separate technologies. At Mcity, our experience and research show that while connectivity and automation each provide benefits on their own, vehicles that “talk” to each other and drive themselves promise to transform the movement of people and goods more than either technology could alone, and to do so safely.

Read Mcity Director Huei Peng’s article, “Saving lives by letting cars talk to each other,” in The Conversation.

Connected and autonomous vehicle at M city test facility