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Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) hold the promise of substantially enhancing the safety and efficiency of our transportation systems, offering potential reductions in traffic accidents and improvements in traffic flow. However, despite these considerable advantages, widespread deployment of AVs remains limited. The reason for this is multifold. But above all, the safety performance of AVs is still below that of human drivers.

The main objective of the Mcity AV Challenge is to rigorously assess the driving intelligence of AVs in realistic traffic environments. An interactive simulator is provided, featuring a high-fidelity simulation environment within the Mcity Test Facility, a dedicated AV testing facility that incorporates a diverse range of driving scenarios, including highways, intersections, and roundabouts.

Participants will be tasked with designing an AV decision-making module that enables the successful completion of various routes, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and comfort.

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New digital infrastructure that overlays the physical Mcity Test Facility creates a cloud-based, augmented reality CAV testbed that is foundational to the Mcity AV Challenge. This digital infrastructure was built thanks to support from the National Science Foundation (NSF).