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Open C A V vehicle at M city test facility roundabout
A specially equipped Lincoln MKZ, based at Mcity, is an open-source connected and automated research vehicle available to U-M faculty and students, startups and others to help accelerate innovation.
M city Navya driverless shuttle
The Arma, a driverless electric shuttle manufactured by French firm NAVYA, was introduced to North America at the Mcity Test Facility in December 2016. NAVYA is an affiliate member of Mcity.
M city Nayva driverless shuttle interior
The driverless NAVYA Arma can carry up to 15 passengers. It is available for research projects and is used to demonstrate driverless vehicle technology at Mcity.
M city open C A V interior
A researcher behind the wheel of Mcity’s Lincoln MKZ Open CAV, an open-source connected and automated vehicle research platform.
Cars on roundabout at M city test facility
Mcity is the world’s first purpose-built facility for testing connected and automated vehicles and technologies under controlled, realistic conditions before trying them out in real traffic.
M city test facility street with Ann Arbor stores
Building facades up to two stories high line the streets of Mcity’s urban downtown area.
M city test facility with fake pedestrian
Dummies can be used to test pedestrian avoidance technology in automated vehicles.
Traffic cones on highway at M city test facility
A 1,000-foot stretch of road at Mcity simulates a limited access freeway, with entrance and exit ramps, overhead road signs, guardrails and other features.
Mcity test facility, man on bike near car
The Mcity Test Facility is a controlled environment designed for safe, repeatable testing of connected and automated vehicle technologies such as bicycle detection.
M city test facility highway tunnel
A highway overpass is simulated at Mcity by a tunnel that blocks vehicles from wireless and satellite signals.
M city test facility aerial view
An aerial view of the Mcity Test Facility, which sits on a 32-acre site and features about 16 acres of roads and traffic infrastructure.
Ann Arbor stores at M city test facility
Building facades up to two stories high simulate an urban downtown area at Mcity.