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Research Opportunities for Faculty

Mcity responds to requests for proposals from a wide-range of funding sources and often includes U-M faculty and other academic researchers in their response. Contact Mcity if you are interested in partnering with us.

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Our partner organization, the Center for Connected and Automated Transportation (CCAT), periodically announces requests for research proposals.

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Mcity Open Roads Fund

The U-M College of Engineering has established the Mcity Open Roads Fund to help remove cost barriers faced by U-M faculty and students who want to use Mcity facilities in their research but do not have a funding sponsor.

The Open Roads Fund would subsidize 90% of the cost of using Mcity resources, such as the Mcity Test Facility and all of its features; the current rate for U-M faculty is about $2,400 per day. Or researchers might want to use a vehicle from Mcity’s Open CAV Fleet of open-source connected and automated research vehicles; the rate is about $400 per vehicle.

These resources typically operate on a recharge model, which means operating costs are divided into user fees annually. User rates are then set based on the previous year’s operating budget. All users at U-M pay the same rate for access.

For sponsored research projects, these fees can be incorporated into the cost planning process and are readily accounted for. But for more ad-hoc experimentation, proof-of-concept work ahead of a larger project, and for educational use, these costs can be a barrier.

Funding is available on a first-come, first served basis.

Guidelines for Use

  • Self-funded research or educational use only; not for use with industry/government-sponsored research
  • Maximum of five days per principal investigator (PI) or team, per year for Mcity Test Facility
  • Researchers agree to submit a short summary of the testing value following use of Mcity facilities, which can be made public.


  • U-M College of Engineering faculty and student teams are eligible.
  • 90% subsidy of cost to use Mcity Test Facility or an Mcity research vehicle.
  • Self-funded research, educational use.