Status: Complete

Lead Researcher(s)

Bryce Pilz
Directory of Licensing, University of Michigan Office Of Tech Transfer

Project Team

Project Abstract

Identifying what real-world crash scenarios could be informed by ethical decisions and formulating ethics principles for the design and operation of automated vehicles: Examination of this issue begins with a review of the most recent published works of ethicists addressing automated vehicle issues. From that literature, we propose to identify scenarios that, in a liability analysis, could lead to scrutiny of specific design decisions, and identify the likely spectrum of outcomes that could be determined by different choices made at that decision point. In addition, we will discuss ethical questions relating to the ability of the operator to override the vehicle’s systems or the infrastructure commands being given to the vehicle: Should the operator be allowed to override? In what circumstances? Is there different information that should be displayed by the vehicle in order to allow an informed override to occur? What are – or should be – the legal consequences for an override: legal consequences to the operator, to the vehicle’s insurer, to the manufacturer, to the systems supplier?

Project Outcome

Dykema: This analysis may enable us to propose certain principles for design and operation of automated systems or vehicles; it will certainly enable us to formulate key questions that designers should consider when making trade-offs of design and operation.

BUDGET YEAR: 2018-01-01