Transportation Insecurity: Deepening our knowledge Base and Refining Measurement to Better Understand the Impact of Future Mobility Technologies

Status: In Progress

Lead Researcher(s)

Alexandra Murphy

Project Team

Project Abstract

To deploy future mobility technologies in ways that will promote transportation equity, we need to better understand the landscape of transportation insecurity in the United States and develop tools that will enable researchers to evaluate whether such technologies are successfully moving people from transportation insecurity to transportation security.

Project Outcome

This research has three objectives: 1) use nationally representative data collected in 2018 to deepen our understanding of transportation insecurity in the U.S. 2) further the development of the Transportation Security Index, the first validated individual measure of its kind that was explicitly designed to measure transportation insecurity as it is directly experienced by people, regardless of where they live or what mode of transportation they use. 3) using the nationally representative data collected in 2022, nationwide and subgroup prevalence estimates will be identified.

BUDGET YEAR: 2022-07-01