Defense Strategies for Connected Transportation Infrastructure Under Cyberattack

Status: Complete

Lead Researcher(s)

Yiheng Feng
Assistant Research Scientist, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Z. Morley Mao
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering

Project Team

Wai Wong
Research Fellow, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Project Abstract

Building on our analysis of the vulnerabilities of existing transportation infrastructure at “connected” intersections, this project focuses on designing detection and protection strategies.The defense strategies are investigated from the perspectives of both the infrastructure and vehicles. The vehicle-based defense solution leverages a hardware-level feature, called Trusted Execution Environment, to prevent data spoofing. From the infrastructure side, we focus mainly on analyzing the integrity of the traffic data by comparing them to historical traffic patterns and cross-validating with different data sources. Defense solutions from both vehicle and infrastructure perspectives will be implemented in commercial dedicated short-range communications devices and signal controllers, and tested in the Mcity Test Facility.

Project Outcome

Develop a series of detection and protection methods to improve transportation system cybersecurity.

BUDGET YEAR: 2018-01-01