Examination of Operator-State Monitoring and Operator Engagement Approaches as Strategies for Mitigating Human-Factors Challenges Associated with Transfer of Control During Automated Driving

Status: Complete

Lead Researcher(s)

Anuj Pradhan
Former Assistant Research Scientist, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Shan Bao
Associate Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, College of Engineering and Computer Science, the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Associate Research Scientist, Human Factors, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and Intermittent Lecturer in Industrial and Operations Engineering, College of Engineering

Project Team

Project Abstract

This project had two broad objectives: (1) to understand the role of in-vehicle operator-state monitoring in the transfer of control between the human operator and vehicle automation, and (2) to examine driver-engagement strategies and their effects on out-of-the-loop operators during automated driving.

Project Outcome

(1) Driver-state monitoring algorithm implemented in driving-simulation environment to monitor drivers’ visual attentional state using in-vehicle camera systems, and (2) operator-engagement system designed and implemented in driving simulator.

BUDGET YEAR: 2015-05-01