Expansion of Roadside Equipment: Pauline and Seventh

Status: Complete

Lead Researcher(s)

Jim Sayer
Research Scientist, Director, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and Adjunct Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Project Team

Project Abstract

Fund the installation for electrical conduit and fiber optic cabling from the intersection of Seventh and Stadium to the intersection of Seventh and Pauline. Also, upgrade the traffic controller on Seventh and Pauline, install a single roadside unit (RSE), tying the intersection to the remainder of the Ann Arbor traffic network.

Project Outcome

Adding conduit and fiber will allow for tying the signal at Seventh and Pauline into the City’s traffic control network, and support expansion of the DSRC roadside equipment at that intersection, and 13 adjoining locations which are already slated for the installation of RSUs this year.

BUDGET YEAR: 2015-05-01