Mcity ABC Test: Develop and Implement 16 Behavior Competencies

Status: In Progress

Lead Researcher(s)

Huei Peng
Roger L McCarthy Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Director of Mcity

Greg McGuire
MCity Lab Director and Adjunct Lecturer in Center for Entrepreneurship, College of Engineering

Project Team

Project Abstract

This project is a three-pronged approach for on-track testing of highly automated vehicles (HAVs); the three prongs are Accelerated evaluation (A), Behavior competence (B), and Corner cases (C). The first prong is for common driving scenarios such as car-following, cut-ins, and left turns, and the scenario parameters are obtained through importance sampling theory to make sure the risky/challenging cases are emphasized. This, instead of uniform sampling, can significantly reduce testing time. The primary focus of this project will be the behavior competence prong.

Project Outcome

Successfully demonstrate 16 behavior competence tests at the Mcity Test Facility, with the scoring system defined.

BUDGET YEAR: 2019-01-01