To honor Mcity Test Facility on 5th anniversary: “We Built Mcity”

January 2, 2021
We Built Mcity Video Screen Shot

The 5th anniversary of the opening of the Mcity Test Facility came in July 2020, and with it a dilemma:

How could we celebrate this milestone with our country and the world battling the COVID-19 pandemic? Face mask and social distancing requirements had drastically reduced our options.

Staying safe had to be our priority.

We couldn’t plan an anniversary party. Or host an open house to show off the new capabilities we’ve added to the test facility. We couldn’t invite our partners and collaborators to join us for an in-person panel discussion about how the driverless vehicle landscape has changed in the last five years, and what the future might hold.

Still, we were determined to find a memorable way to mark the occasion, and have some fun, too. So we made a video. A music video. A music video inspired by Starship and its huge 1980’s hit, “We Built this City.”

And now we present, “We Built Mcity.”