Registration Process

  1. The point of contact of each team should send a registration email to
  2. The email must include:
    • Team Details:
      • Team Name: [Your team name here]
      • Team Members: [List of all team members, including name, affiliation, and contact information. No more than 10 members. Each person can only join one team.]
    • Point of Contact:
      • Name: [Full name of the corresponding person]
      • Affiliation: [University/Company/Organization of the corresponding person]
      • Contact Information:
        • Email: [Email address]
        • Phone Number: [Optional]
        • Any social media account usernames/handles and/or websites associated with: [Optional]
  3. The email subject should be in the form of “Mcity AV Challenge Registration – [Team Name]“.
  4. Upon receiving a confirmation email with an ID (M2024xxxxxx), your registration is considered successful. Registration will be closed on July 1st AOE.

Note: Ensure all the information is accurate and complete before sending the registration email. Incomplete registrations may not be processed.

Updated on Mar. 20, 2024. Version 1.2