Mcity in the News: Motor Trend

February 14, 2022
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Last month, Motor Trend reported on Mcity and our work to ensure automated vehicles (AVs) are safe before they move to public roads from controlled environments like the Mcity Test Facility.

Greg McGuire

Greg McGuire, now managing director of Mcity, spoke with Alissa Priddle, Motor Trend’s Detroit editor, the Mcity ABC Test, a concept testing protocol developed to evaluate the safety of Level 4 AVs before they are tested or deployed in the real world.

Level 4 vehicles, as defined by SAE, are truly “driverless.” No human interaction is needed, but unlike fully autonomous Level 5 vehicles, they are limited in some way—by speed, weather conditions or location, for example.

Read the Motor Trend story here: “Mcity was built to make autonomous vehicles less scary”