Mcity is leading the transition to a new world of connected and automated vehicles. Our work goes beyond technology. Mcity’s researchers, collaborators, and partners consider all aspects of the future of transportation and mobility, such as the impact on business, infrastructure, and society.



Number of industry partners

$20 million

Amount invested in research and development projects


Number of students involved in Mcity activities


Number of funded research projects


Number of vehicles in Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment – world's largest deployment


Number of U-M faculty involved in Mcity-funded research

Driving the Future of Mobility

At Mcity, the University of Michigan (U-M) brings together partners from industry, government, and academia to develop the foundation for an ecosystem of connected and automated vehicles for moving people and goods. Such a system has the potential to dramatically improve safety, sustainability, and accessibility.

U-M created Mcity to cultivate the diverse expertise and resources required to realize the potential of emerging mobility technologies, culminating in the implementation of a working system of connected and automated vehicles in Ann Arbor by 2021.

The Key To Mcity

Three aspects of Mcity make it uniquely positioned to lead the revolution in mobility:


Mcity has created a public-private R&D initiative to work on connected and automated mobility systems. A broad range of companies representing many industry sectors, along with federal, state, and local governments, are working collaboratively and productively to shape the future of mobility.


Mcity funds research and provides testing at our one-of-a-kind proving ground simulating the complexities of an urban environment, and through on-road vehicle deployments to a variety of settings in Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan, working with our partners including the U-M Transportation Research Institute.


Mcity draws on the broad expertise of University of Michigan faculty and researchers to address the legal, policy, urban planning, business, economic, and social issues that must be addressed to devise and implement practical systems that take advantage of emerging technologies.

Mcity will accelerate progress by working with partners to:

  • Envision the future, identify challenges, and fund research to explore solutions
  • Educate new generations of students prepared to continue the process of innovation in mobility
  • Address social, economic, regulatory, and policy issues key to the implementation of a mobility system
  • Show how new concepts and technologies can be integrated into a new mobility system
  • Use off-roadway and on-roadway test beds to evaluate innovations
  • Identify new business opportunities

car on roadway at sunrise



“We’ve been a world leader in innovation, especially in terms of mobility. We put the world on wheels. We transformed how the world moved. Michigan is uniquely positioned to continue to be a leader in mobility, and the University of Michigan’s Mcity is playing a critical role in that future.”

RICK SNYDER Governor, State of Michigan