Greg McGuire
Managing Director

Greg McGuire is responsible for the safe and smooth operation of Mcity, directing the incredible team that makes Mcity run. This includes the public/private partnership, as well as labs like the Mcity Test Facility, the University of Michigan’s purpose-built proving ground for testing mobility technologies. He also oversees Mcity’s growing fleet of research vehicles.

Prior to joining Mcity, McGuire spent twenty years designing and building tools to efficiently share resources and measure consumption, with a focus on mobility services and their intersection with our Internet-enabled society. He and his college roommate were the two engineers that built and scaled Zipcar. McGuire then went on to help found several mobility and data analytics startups before the lure of Mcity proved too great. An inveterate tinkerer, when he’s not busy with Mcity projects he will likely be found fixing one of his kids’ toys, brewing beer, or taking apart his car.

McGuire has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering (Computing / Imaging) from Case Western Reserve University.