SAE AutoDrive Challenge returns to Mcity

June 6, 2023
M city test facility street with Ann Arbor stores

SAE returned to the Mcity Test Facility this week with 10 student teams from colleges and universities across the country competing in the second year of the three-year AutoDrive Challenge II.

AutoDrive Challenge is a partnership between SAE and General Motors Co. in STEM education, which focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. GM is also an Mcity industry partner.

The objective for each student team is to develop and demonstrate a Level 4 AV that can navigate urban driving courses. SAE defines a Level 4 AV as a vehicle that can operate without any human intervention.

Check out this video as students talk about the value of their AutoDrive Challenge experience, and what they’re looking forward to in this year’s competition, which continues through June 10.