Expansion of Roadside Equipment South and Southwest Ann Arbor

Status: Complete

Lead Researcher(s)

Jim Sayer
Research Scientist, Director, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and Adjunct Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Project Team

Project Abstract

This project will fund the installation of 20 pieces of roadside equipment at 14 intersection locations. This request is for costs associated only with installation of RSUs and the associated materials to do so. The actual RSUs will be provided as inā€kind contributions from Mcity member companies.
This area of the City was selected to address some specific challenges that the City faces, and because of the extent of the fiber network that is already in place that is needed to support RSU data backhaul. While not immediately contiguous with the existing equipment in northeast Ann Arbor, it is that portion of the City most amenable to additional RSU installations in 2015.

Project Outcome

Expand deployed infrastructure equipment in Ann Arbor and to allow for the testing and development of additional V2I/I2V applications in south and southwest Ann Arbor. The project would allow for the installation of 20 RSUs, at 14 intersections, in the areas of Stadium, Main Street, State Street, Ann Arbor -Saline Road, Pauline and Liberty which will double the size of the affected area of infrastructure deployment in the City of Ann Arbor.

BUDGET YEAR: 2015-05-01