Onboard Data Collection for Assessing Safety and Performance of HAVs

Status: Complete

Lead Researcher(s)

David LeBlanc
Associate Research Scientist, Engineering Systems, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Carol Flannagan
Research Associate Professor of Biosciences and Research Associate Professor, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Project Team

Scott Bogard
Lead Engineer in Research

Andrew Leslie
Senior Statistician

Project Abstract

This project would develop a set of recommendations and methods for the use of compact and targeted data collection onboard highly automated vehicles (HAVs) to remotely understand the use of the vehicle, interactions with drivers, exposure to driving environments and driving scenarios, and safety-relevant events. This efficient monitoring can help assure and improve vehicle performance in the field. The project would also consider how these data could be pooled for greater statistical power and faster understanding of events in the field.

Project Outcome

Support for safety assessments and a deeper understanding of automated driving system usage, operational driving domain influences, and driver interactions.

BUDGET YEAR: 2018-06-04