Cybersecurity Roadmap for Automated Cars


May 2015 – April 2017


Derrick Dominic, PhD Student
Robotics, U-M College of Engineering

Ryan Eustice, PhD
Associate Professor, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering; Director, Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (PeRL), U-M College of Engineering

Di Ma, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Computer and Information Science, U-M Dearborn


To truly understand the cybersecurity requirements of future automated cars according to automation levels 0-4, and define a cybersecurity roadmap to cover all determined requirements.


  1. Perform a risk assessment for each automation level to fully understand the actual risks. The risk assessment will include both attacker motivation and financial considerations.
  2. Design automotive electronics architectures for each automation level that will be derived from the countermeasures suggested in Task 1. The architecture will include considerations for automation applications, reliability (e.g. redundant systems), and limitations (e.g. features that cannot be realized without certain security applications being in place).
  3. Combine all information into an automotive cybersecurity roadmap that provides guidance on when to implement each architecture and security feature.


  1. Dynamic flexible risk assessment in customizable format
  2. Cybersecurity roadmap for automated cars of all levels.
  3. A process for developing a cybersecurity roadmap that can be applied to further industries (e.g. by infrastructure provider, aftermarket device provider, and mobile device provider)

TAGS: automated | design